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Aristeia is a R&D group of graduate students tasked to help the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's MAKESHOP in shifting family members of children from observer to co-learner.
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research & observation
After spending several weeks researching, carrying out infield observations, and talking with the Teaching Artists (employees who ran the MAKESHOP), we found that...

-The Teaching Artists were in the better position to achieve solutions because of their familiarity with and planning of the MAKESHOP (layout and activities changed every day)
-Teaching Artists needed to help each other see adults as co-learners instead of observers that accompanied their audience and main focus (children)
-The Teaching Artists all knew the challenges of seeing adults as co-learners, and some already had solutions, but they had no common language to communicate/understand their ideas and problems with achieving this goal

The conclusion was that a professional development tool was needed.
putting ideas together
Collaborating, we organized our notes into a professional development card deck, Makerbox. These cards detailed the several archetypes we noticed visit the MAKESHOP, how to identify them, and how to communicate and form ideas to interact with them.The result is a deck of cards that greatly helped the Teaching Artists communicate with each other, and better their performance in seeing everyone as co-learners.

*Note - Because some of the cards contain findings from the museum's researchers (we took and expanded upon it to help link our observations to what the MAKESHOP was already working with) only the archetype and behavior model cards are displayed below. 
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